I Recently Discovered How To Cool Any Space In Under 5-Minutes, WITHOUT Using My Home's Costly AC.

“For The Past Few Years, The Air Conditioner Industry Had Just 3 Big Companies That Could Set Any Prices They Wanted and Kept Ripping Off Customers.”

A genius startup is turning this $135 billion dollar AC industry on its head.

The company called Arctos Portable AC has figured out a way to offer a far superior product (even the biggest tech experts agree) at a fraction of the price.

With the national weather services reporting that it is going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, maybe one of the hottest for decades. Their new Arctos Portable AC is quickly becoming the most successful device of 2021.

Meet Arctos Portable AC

Arctos Portable AC is a brand new affordable air cooler that draws hot, dry air and blows it out cooler and fresher.

In simple terms, Arctos Portable AC is an air cooler and humidifier all-in-one!

As you can imagine by its name, this smart device is also portable. You can use it in many different ways; as a personal cooler at your office or as a humidifier in your kids’ bedroom.

Arctos Portable AC is really an investment as you can use it all year round.

Compared to a traditional AC, Arctos Portable AC is way cheaper and very easy to carry over to the space you need it the most.

The goal was to make a low-cost and low-maintenance device that is suitable for any home or office. And they succeeded, Arctos Portable AC stunned the whole industry with this innovative model.

With no installation costs, no maintenance costs and it is more energy efficient – it uses (on average) less electricity than a traditional AC – you will save a bundle this summer.

How Does It Work?

Arctos Portable AC invented a Rapid Cooling System that uses water to cool down the incoming air, then pumps out freezing cold air on the other side.

What is so important about this device? It cools the air by using water evaporation, the same way nature reduces atmospheric heat.

Air passes through the water filter and comes out fresher and cooler.

It’s really easy to set up. Fill the 450ml tank with tap water and press the start button.

You can take it to different rooms in your house, on your balcony, in your tent or at the beach!

Users say the feeling of relief is truly fantastic. And even better, you’re actually building strength in your lungs with each use. (Think about it you can exercise pretty much every other muscle in your body. Why not show your lungs some love?)

What makes Arctos Portable AC a must-have for summer 2021?

With the summer heat a hotter than average summer being here already, Arctos Portable AC will keep you cool and comfortable.

The traditional AC systems are big, noisy, difficult to install, and more importantly – extremely expensive. Time to stop sweating and stressing under the scorching heat!

Arctos Portable AC has a water filter that makes the air cooler and adds moisture to it. 

One thing is for certain, once you try Arctos Portable AC, you’ll never want to go back to life without it!

At the moment you can get it with a 50% discount. It is an amazing deal and we are sure that it will not last long…

In a Nutshell: Arctos Portable AC is the best value for money option on the market right now.

How much does Arctos Portable AC cost?

The company behind Arctos Portable AC prefers to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

If you look at the features of Arctos Portable AC, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of up to $200 (which would still be lower than most traditional air conditioning systems)

However, it is just $89.99… (with the 50% promo at the time of writing).

Click here to claim the 50% discount (if it’s still available) >>

This is a small price to pay considering all of its benefits and how much you will manage to save when compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

How can I get an authentic Arctos Portable AC?

Many companies have tried to copy the technology of Arctos Portable AC. However, none of them succeeded.

Many knock-offs have made it in the market so we strongly advise you to purchase it only through the online shop that you can find here.

Arctos Portable AC is currently sold only exclusively online.

But don’t worry. The checkout process is very easy and 100% secure! There are a variety of payment options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the online shop by clicking this link.
  2. Claim your 50% discount.

Important Update

UPDATE: Arctos Portable AC is not available on Amazon, eBay or AliExpress.

To make sure you’re getting the original Arctos Portable AC, we strongly advise you to buy it from the official website that you’ll find on the next steps.

Customer Reviews

Anita F. - Las Vegas, NV
A lifesaver in the desert!
Read More
It’s VERY hot all year round here in Nevada, so personal coolers like these are quite common. I’ve used a few, but this cooler is the best so far! It really does cool down my work area in 30 seconds. Plus, it’s great for those who live alone since you don’t need to cool down an entire room or house.
Michelle K. - Yuma, AZWorks like a charm!
Read More
I originally got one for my mom since she lives alone and she doesn’t like turning on the AC when she doesn’t have company. She liked it so much and she said that it even helps her sleep better because of the humidifier feature! So, I got one for myself as well. I love how efficient it is as a cooler, a fan, and even as a humidifier. No more sweaty, sleepless nights and dry lips!!
Cam D. - San Diego, CAIt even helps me Sleep Better!
Read More
I always have a hard time sleeping during summer (the heat, the dry air, my husband’s snoring) so when I found out that there was an AC that doubled as a humidifier, I just had to get it! It’s been two weeks since we got our Arctos Portable AC, and my husband and I are both having much more peaceful nights and less stressful mornings. publishes news, tutorials, and reviews about the latest emerging tech. Get ready to have your mind expanded by the possibilities and taste a bit of the future before everyone else.

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